Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's Gradapalooza! The "How many CreComm grads can I meet in one week" challenge

Please permit me a bit of bias: the Creative Communications program at Red River College has the greatest grads ever.

And the reason I know this is because I run into them everywhere and they tell me so themselves. Ha!

Better yet, I have the photographs to prove it. Why, here's a selection of grads I've run into from this week alone. I'll keep updating this as I run into more.

Do you ever get the feeling you're being stalked? Me neither!

Citytv's Jennifer Ryan, Alzheimer Society's Daniel Paspaporn, and Downtown Biz's Jolene Olive. A trifecta of talent!

Here, RRC College Relations' own Nathan Bueddefeld sells potential RRC students on a way of life he's already living: the life of an employed CreComm grad.

Direct Focus' Matt Cohen buys me lunch at the Tallest Poppy. Thanks, Matt! All grads should buy their instructors lunch. Hellooo? I'm waiting for some free lunch here!

McKim Cringan George's Dan Vadeboncoeur, KICK-FM's Justine Routhier, and the WSO's Cheryl Waldner rock the Atrium and the mic at today's RRC Open House. Here, they pretend to be happy to see their old instructor.

CreComm grad Alana Pona's article in the current issue of localfare magazine, available for free at all MLCC outlets. This counts as running into a former student, right? Right! Update: and CreComm grad Carly Peters in the magazine's managing editor.

Portage Place marketing assistant Mike Ambrose hogs the spotlight in the mall (get it? "Hogs?" Wah, wah, wah). I was so excited to see him carrying this cardboard cutout of a pig, I completely forgot to take Portage Place marketing coordinator Brittany Leschasin's photo. Next time!

Curve FM's Pamela Roz and famous actor Gaetan Harris (he'll always be famous in my books for working on Sean Garrity's latest film, Zooey & Adam) hangin' in the Atrium.

I spelled all of these names for memory. Any fatal typos? Other than that ridiculous "Bueddefeld" name - I mean, who's ever heard of a name like that? Not me!


  1. Quick note: Crecomm grad Carly Peters is the managing editor of LocalFare.

  2. Gaƫtan Harris... I was writing a Projector article and he wrote it down for me. But I'm not sure if I capitalized Atrium. Eep.

  3. This is an important project. I hope you drop by the bars and pawn shops to find some of the old-time CreCommers.

  4. I'm hitting Elvis' Pawn Shop later today with all of the stuff I stole from your house!


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