Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Props to my media peeps

The Globe & Mail ran my letter in today's paper (see yesterday's post). Thanks, Globe, it's always nice to get a letter run in a newspaper that charges around $40 per agate line for an ad. Heck, that's an extra $80 in my pocket, which I will use to buy Tim Hortons coffees, lotto tickets, and magazine subscriptions through Publishers Clearing House.

It's always surprising to see how one little letter to the editor can get such a big response, and heartening to know how many people there are who understand that Winnipeg being called "too cold, boring, and far away" in a national newspaper - after a mere 208 Canadians take part in a focus group - is whack.

Terry MacLeod was nice enough to read my letter on CBC Radio One. I especially liked when co-host Marcy Markusa applauded and said, "Hurray for Kenton Larsen!" Finally, something in the media that I can get behind! Ha, ha.

More poetic justice came in today's Globe, which featured a story about Manitoba writer Miriam Toews' fourth novel, the Flying Troutmans, taking the first-place, $25,000 Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize, even though her book wasn't shortlisted for the Giller Prize or the Governor-General's award for fiction.

According to the 208 Winnipeggers I surveyed, it's a big swipe at novelists in Toronto, who are too boring, cold, and far away to win the prize. Wah, wah, wah.

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