Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Help me, Obi-Wan Blitzer, you're my only hope

I met CNN's own Wolf Blitzer at the Winnipeg Press Club a few years ago.

He was nice enough to agree to a last-minute meeting with our students at Red River College's Creative Communications program; he spoke for half an hour or so and very patiently answered everyone's questions. Yay, Wolf.

Of course, all I can remember from the event was that he said he likes it in Winnipeg, he smells better than you'd think, and he has a very expensive haircut, which you don't really get to appreciate unless you see the guy in person...

Until now!

Last night, CNN unveiled its new "hologram" technology, which - before our very eyes - instantly revealed the possible future of TV, videogames, elections, and (probably) pornography.

Check it out:

Please tell me that the blue glow around the hologram is a tribute to Carrie Fisher in Star Wars.

So, to summarize, the big stories of last night, as I rank them:

1. The first African American president elected in U.S. history;

2. We may be able to finally appreciate Wolf Blitzer's expensive haircut in the privacy of our own homes;

3. NBC shows a guy holding a sign saying "Bush, you're fired" for a very long time.

Has life just got a whole lot better or what?

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