Saturday, November 15, 2008

I kissed two girls, and the first one was better

Something that's stuck in my craw for the past year or so: now that Katy Perry's song, "I Kissed a Girl" has been played so many times that it's officially an element on the periodic table, it seems that everyone has forgotten about Jill Sobule's song of the same name from 1995.

Have a look (and - this is exciting - a pre-hit-in-the-face-with-a-goose Fabio co-stars in the video):

Sobule's take on Perry's song, courtesy of her website,

"The first thing I did was to download it to see if it sampled or resembled mine -- actually, I just listened to the free 15 seconds that iTunes provides... Well, it didn't sound at all like mine, and and the lyrics were more, say, "Girls Gone Wild" than what I was trying to do. But, I will not judge it public.

"And, I must say, it is catchy. It's just a bit annoying. You think she would have picked a different title, for goodness sake. However, my IKAG (I am using the acronym now) is admittedly over 10 years old and most of her young fans probably have never heard my version.

"When my IKAG came out, it was a different time: before Ellen, before The L word, and before Lindsay Lohan had a girlfriend. It was semi-bold, but maybe not the smartest career choice for a first single. But I was proud to be one of those that broke the barrier. Now it's like ...whatever."

I'm tempted to say that Perry stole Sobule's song, but I'll withhold that judgment until such time Perry releases a song called, "Supermodel." Don't do it, Katy!

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