Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ten things that crossed my mind at Star Wars in Concert at MTS Centre

1. Oh, crap, I was supposed to go to Toshi Station today to pick up those power converters!

2. Who let all of these nerds into the place?

3. Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?

4. This totally reminds me of the time that I fell out of that tree on Kashyyyk.

5. Video at 1:22 - friend yawning or Wookiee abuse?

6. It was totally worth the extra $50 to get into the concert early and pose in front of cheesy sci-fi backdrops.

7. Come to think of it, this also totally reminds me of the time I fell off that balcony on Coruscant.

8. That's no small moon - it's my head.

9. This long and slow lineup caused by Ticketmaster's crappy "paperless ticket system" makes me think that Ticketmaster is just like the evil Galactic Empire and we're just like the plucky Rebellion who are going to one day blow up its Death Star. Am I right, people?

10. It's time to ban smoking on all Trade Federation cruisers.


  1. Ha, yes, we noticed the "paperless" ticket line was way longer and slower than the regular line when we went to see Tom Petty. Methinks I won't be changing my ticket-buying habits anytime soon.

    So the show was good? I thought I might like to see that, since we enjoyed the LOTR one (though I'm not really a fan of those movies, we had free tickets).

  2. The show was good, though I'd say that I expected it to be a bit more "spectacular" - lasers and costumes and light sabers and craziness.

    Instead, it was pretty understated - impressive in its own way, but not mind-blowing.

    I got so mad at those idiots at Ticketmaster - we paid extra to get in early, and they didn't give a rat's ass when the paperless system didn't work and we were all left standing around waiting to be let in.

    I finally did what I do best - create a scene! - and suddenly the doors flew open and we could go in. Unreal!

  3. My daughter got a picture taken with "Booba" Fett.

  4. Oh man you had way too much fun at that thing! Did any light saber fights breakout?

    And yes...Ticketbastard must fall.

  5. Loads of kids with light sabers - no fights, though. Boo.

    Ticketbastard is right!

  6. The last picture of you in this post, epic.

    May the force be with you.

  7. That concert must have been awesome! I heard about it only a few days before, but I couldn't attend as I was celebrating my b'day at home with family. Your photos lend to the concert being a success. I hope the organizers try it again in the future, a short time from now, In a concert hall not far away...

    Cool photos!

    p.s. Word verification is "bedness." This sounds like it could be an actual condition.


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