Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Future ad majors, meet your client: Berns and Black Salon

The advertising majors at Red River College will be more well groomed than ever this year.

Their local client this September will be Berns and Black Salon on Main Street - Winnipeg's fresh, modern, and eco-friendly avant-garde salon.

The majors will have just about two months to put together promotional recommendations for the salon, which will include interviewing the client, assembling a campaign book, and presenting the recommendations in a boardroom pitch.

(Read the Winnipeg Free Press article about the salon here.)

Located just a hop, skip, and jump away from the college's downtown campus in the beautifully renovated Birt Saddlery building, the salon should be particularly interesting to RRC students: its apprenticeship program allows "future professionals" to book haircuts and color with apprenticeship stylists for low prices on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.

I'll be conducting some "research" at the salon tomorrow, when I go in for a straight-razor shave; like Anthony Michael Hall in 16 Candles: fresh breath and a clean, close shave are the priorities of my life. Like you couldn't tell!

See you in August!


  1. I want to go to there.

    But I daren't ask what it costs.

  2. The prices are very reasonable - you should check it out!

  3. Totally just booked a straight blade shave there and name dropped Kenton's Infotainment Scan.


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