Sunday, March 6, 2011

13 new words to help make sense of these troubled times

See #2 on the list. Boooo!

1. Beerache - aka "hangover."

2. Boo Angel - Aqua Books' statue guardian of catcalls and wolf whistles. See photo at the top of this post.

3. Chorn - Short for "chornography" - the addiction to cleaning one's house.

4. Enginuity - How Google made and makes billions.

5. IPPed - What you did when you missed your IPP deadline. Speaking of: join us at the Independent Professional Project presentations, Wednesday to Friday, March 9 to 11 at the Convention Centre Presentation Theatre. Admission: free!

6. Medi-Ogre - A person who gets grouchy after having a bland day.

7. Noodlebonker - A child of headbanger parents. 

8. Peek-a-shoe - A shoe with holes in it.

9. Statastic - What a person who loves numbers says when he or she sees them.

10. SheenWow - A super-absorbent towel with Charlie's face on it. CreComm grad Jarrett Moffatt is probably working on it.

11. Starbucker - One who obsessively seeks association with baristas.

12. Touchébag - A distasteful person who loves one-upping others.

13. Yayngel - Mortal enemy of the Boo Angel and the statue guardian of hoots and hollers.


  1. how about Puracle? As in when John Pura shows up and inevitably solves any problem you may be having. Happens to me at least once a month.


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