Friday, March 25, 2011

10 thoughts that crossed my mind at the Residents show last night

1. What the F is this?

2. Isn't music, by definition, something that should be listenable?

3. There's a fine line between avant-garde and a waste of time.

4. If I leave now, I could still see what happens on Idol.

5. Where the hell are the giant eyeballs?

6. An old-man mask wears out its welcome in about five seconds.

7. Who are these "humans" in the audience and why is this noise causing them to experience "pleasure?"

8. I wonder what's going on with the nuclear power plants, Libya, and Sheen.

9. Loaf of bread, quart of milk, stick of butter.

10. Why does this band hate me?

Get out of this theatre, you damn kids!

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