Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm proud sponsor of the residential toilet credit!

It's official: I'm an appvertiser.

After a semi-successful run at Google AdWords, I've embarked on my next, big experiment with a trial banner ad on Len Goldenstein's newly renovated Winnipeg Headlines app - the app that aggregates RSS feeds from local news outlets, ChrisD, CJOB, the City of Winnipeg, and CBC among them.

I join Granny's, Geek Cantina, The Proactive Circle, ChrisD, and Ridgeline Roofing in the big experiment. At the end of the run, we - and Len - will find out how the appvertising business model works and whether it's brought a whole, new audience to my lovely blog and the CreComm program at Red River College.

In the meantime, please joing me in downloading the app (above link), rating it, and clicking on my banner until your fingers bleed.

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