Tuesday, January 4, 2011

When is it OK to get mad at the boss?

Normally, I'd answer the question posed in my headline with, "All of the time!"

However, I think I have the best example from my previous job, in advance of our future PR class discussion on corporate culture and communications:
It's 8 p.m. You're sitting in your office on the 17th floor of a big building on Portage and Main. The lights are out, and you're the last person in the office working.

The phone rings. It's your boss, who has called in sick for the past week, which is part of the reason you have to work late every night - to do his job in addition to your own.

"Hello," he says, cheerfully. "Could you do me a favor? There are two tickets to tonight's Moose game on my desk. Could you courier them to me at home, and I might still be able to make the second period."
And that's when it's OK to get mad at the boss. End of lesson. 


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