Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy end of exams - thanks for the memories. And comments. And artwork.

School's out for Alice.

One of the greatest things about marking tests - sorry, the only good thing about marking tests - is that you get all kinds of great notes back from students about how they're enjoying the test, or not.

I started saving these notes (and sketches and artwork) years ago, so I can eventually publish them in a coffee table book for my IPP. Just kidding: I'd rather just post my favorites from this year here, students permitting.

I've protected names to shield the wild, the innocent and the E-Street Shuffle (except in one case, but I know she'd want it this way. Right Shelley C? Right!). The intent is to celebrate the end of exams, not to embarrass anyone. Besides, no one has anything to be embarrassed about: you guys did a great job!

I posted a couple of these on Twitter the other day, and I was happy to see that students were quick to take credit for - and have pride in - their work, which is how it should be. Keep on keeping on!


1. I can't wait for summer!

2. This is a call.

3. The battle of wits.

4. The glass is half full!

5. The glass is half empty!

6. The best example ever.

7. The semi-realist.

8. The art critic.

9. The hungry.

10. Shelley C's nickname for me is Scarecrow?!

Have a great summer, everyone.

Scarecrow out!


    I'll take credit for one for sure, although it's from last semester (I was going for the creativity/pity marks). The other one might be me, or it might be someone else that did the exact same thing as me...
    These are awesome though. I'm gonna miss this next year

  2. Awwwe, I love this! You really should make a coffee table book, I would buy it.

    I stand true to what I said Scarecrow, I'll miss you next year!


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