Monday, April 5, 2010

Chicago pre-trip #2: the essential apps and tweets

Chicago 2Go: the appy city.

Last year I went to Chicago with my lap and laptop.

This year, I'm going with my lap, iPhone, and Echofon app, which means there's a whole online world of Chicago I have yet to experience in person.

Here they are: the essential apps and essential feeds you need to be following on Twitter:

Chicago Twitter feeds:
  1. Chicago Tribune
  2. Chicago Sun-Times
  3. Red Eye Chicago - Chicago arts and entertainment
  4. Michael Phillips, movie reviewer for the Chicago Tribune
  5. Chaser Chicago - Chicago nightlife
  6. Chicago Art Magazine
  7. Chicago Magazine
  8. Roger Ebert
  9. Chicago Art Institute
  10. Broke Hipster - Chicago on a budget
  11. Chicago Architecture
  12. Chicago Current - politics
  13. NBC Chicago
  14. Navy Pier
  15. The Second City - Sketch comedy
  16. Time Out Chicago
  17. Oprah (of course).
Free apps:
  1. Chicago 2Go
  2. Chicago Map and Walking Tours
  3. Lollapalooza '10
  4. Foursquare (but will it work with a Canadian iPhone? TBD!)
  5. Yelp (ditto)
  6. Chicago Maroon - University news app. Projector take note!
  7. Chicago Tribune Newsreader - not the best app in the world, but it'll do in a pinch.
  8. Broadway in Chicago - musicals, etc.
  9. CBS 2 Chicago - local news
  10. The White House - a cheat, sure, but talk about a classy and expensive-looking app. Nice work, Barack!
There are more apps you can get for cash, but why pay for the milk app when you can get the cow app for free?


  1. Sometimes I suspect that you actually WORK for Apple :-D

  2. What agencies are you hitting up this year? Visiting Edelman Digital would be pretty sweet.


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