Friday, April 30, 2010

15 classic rockers who sold their souls for Coca-Cola

1. The Bee Gees

2. Gladys Knight and the Pips

3. Ray Charles

4. The Who

5. Aretha Franklin

6. Roy Orbison

7. Diana Ross

8. The Shirelles

9. The Troggs

10. The Box Tops

11. The Everly Brothers

12. Lesley Gore

13. Jan and Dean

14. The Moody Blues

15. Vanilla Fudge


  1. Interesting, Ray Charles sold out for both Coke AND Diet Pepsi. Would've thought there'd be a problem with that, but I guess they were many years apart from each other.

    Diet Pepsi Ad

    The only reason I remember the Diet Pepsi ad is that it relates to the only joke I can ever remember:
    ME: Did you hear Ray Charles lost his left arm?
    YOU: No way, really?
    ME: Yeah. But he's still got the right one, BAY-BAY!

  2. Oh, Ray Orbison, whyyyyyyyyyyyy whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

    ...Pooor quoooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiii??!

    No, no! No! No I won't throw my beautiful Orbison records into the fire! Nooo! I caaaant... I can't do it!

  3. it's pretty awful, but then again...i'd do

  4. I'm curious as to your thoughts on the Jack White Coke ad that didn't get any play here:

    Sell out or tastefully done?


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