Thursday, March 12, 2009

On the second day, the IPP presentations rocked

Burton Duncan puts the "graphic" in graphic novel with his IPP, The Firefighter.

Day two of the IPP presentations was more rock and less talk.

Another great job from today's IPP presenters - way to go, everyone! Mike Ambrose was a genial host with great shtick, and Nicole and Crystal continued to be the best event planners in the history of planet Earth.

Now, if only someone would post some of the great rock from the "musical part" of today's presentations on YouTube, I'd link it to this blog. TwoTails? Van Kunder? Blazing Saddles? Let's get that up for public consumption, I say.

Tomorrow's presentations, 9 a.m., Park Theatre

Friday, March 13

Cody Pierson & Chris Moskowec - Video Documentary
Will Cooke - Television Scripts
Candace Bowles - Event
Kim Kaschor - Book
Heather Bell - Research
Sula Johnson - Zine and Promo Party
Steve St. Louis - Photo Essay/Exhibit
Dustin Plett - Video Documentary
Tania Kohut - Video Documentary
Lena Franford - Promotional Videos
Dan Vadeboncoeur - Radio News Director
Melody Rogan - Novel
Meghan Duffy - Promo Videos

CreComm student Dave Shorr suggested to me today that he get half of the ad revenue from this site. I'm happy to oblige: tomorrow I will present him with a cheque for $0. Har, har.

See you at the last day of the IPP presentations!

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