Monday, July 9, 2012

My first podcast is about my favorite podcasts

It may not be pretty, but it's a podcast. And it's the only one I've got!

If you're interested in hearing it, just press play. If you're not interested in hearing it, just press play. 

If you're interested in recording a podcast of your own, here's how I put this baby together:

1. I recorded the theme music and "chipmunk intro" on my iPad using the GarageBand app - a most impressive app that's well worth the $5 it costs. Get it!

2. I saved the theme music to iCloud. However, when I signed in to iCloud on my computer, the files were not there - it looks like you can save the files to iCloud to save space on your iPad, but not to access them from the Web (unlike other Apple apps).

3. So, I emailed the files to myself, saved them on my desktop, clicked on them, and they opened in iTunes.

4. I launched the GarageBand program on my Mac laptop, and imported the files from iTunes. 

5. I plugged in my USB headset (Logitech) into the laptop and recorded the rest.

6. I selected "export to iTunes" in GarageBand and the file opened up in iTunes, as promised. In iTunes, I selected "Advanced" from the pull-down menu and "Create MP3 Version." iTunes generated a copy, and I dragged it from iTunes onto my desktop.

7. I imported the file into my account on Box. I selected "share" in Box, got the embed code and pasted it into the HTML view on this blog.

8. Then I posted my blog, and that was that.

Next time: I stop smacking my lips, saying "umm," and letting GarageBand automatically set the recording levels. I start singing the theme song, cursing, and saying what I really think. Or not!


Apple's new Podcasts app. Nifty!

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  1. Podasting and Canadian content

    Hi Kenton, I quite enjoyed your beautifully narrated podcast -- great sound, volume, etc.

    It is such a coincidence that we not only chose the same topic, but we also quoted the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC)in our first podcasts.

    Thank you for the detailed step-by-step process (above) you followed to create and publish your resource.

    Well done!


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