Friday, July 27, 2012

11 new words recommended by four out of five dentists

The aspiration of word #1.

1. Amanamel - The toothpaste dedicated to cleaning your teeth without pay or formal training.

2. Bumk - A teenager who likes thrash tunes and dresses like a homeless person.

3. Calmputer - Your mobile phone: it makes you feel good when you can see it or feel it in your pocket, and makes you freak out when you think you've lost it.

4. Cellophone - A mobile phone wrapped in protective plastic.

5. Garbarge - A ship that hauls trash.

6. Gross-up - A tightly framed and disgusting photo of your lunch posted on Instagram. 

7. Membrain - The substance that controls your mind's power to remember things, whatever it's called.

8. Pastcast - Yesterday's weather.

9. Tourewery - Exploring the history and heritage of a beer manufacturer.

10. Twittercraft - Analyzing and using the techniques of the acclaimed tweet writers.

11. Nwerd - A person who knows how to write, and is mocked as being boringly studious by the boneheads who don't. 

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  1. Words, how they sound and how to spell them...

    Hi Kenton, this is quite an unusual, and, I must add, interesting list of words.

    Although I enjoyed reading about them, I am compelled to store the list away and out of the radar of my learners -- spelling issues...

    My favourite in your group is "membrain" -- thanks for this intersting read!


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