Thursday, January 19, 2012

Your mission in '12, should you accept it

We've shattered the mission-statement glass ceiling.

Every year, my PR students write a mission statement for our class. Each student composes one, I shortlist the candidates to five or six, and the class votes on them. The winning mission statement is our reason for being and motivating force for the semester.

This year - with help from student Scott "The Hatchet" Best on shortlist duty - the class selected the mission statement written by Jennifer Thiessen, which is the first time that a woman has taken her place on the Mission Statement Wall of Fame - a well-deserved and long-overdue distinction.

The PR-class mission statement Wall of Fame:

"To learn Kenton's ways so that we may one day take his place."
- Ray Brickwood (class of '08)

"You can't spell party without PR."
- Will Cooke (class of '09)

"Share some laughs, share some beers, share some work (just kidding, that's plagiarism!). Share some tears, shake some hands, walk away the better for it all."
- Thor Blondal (class of '10)

"To propagate, not contaminate."
- Eman Agpalza (class of '11)

"To systematically break down students' will and character, then rebuild them as indestructible PR robots (or PRobots)."
- Jaremy Ediger (class of '12)

"Our mission is to be creative, unlike this mission statement."
- Jennifer Thiessen (class of '13)


  1. Way to go, Jen! Otherwise, the "Learn Kenton's ways..." mission statement is pretty clever!


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