Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Know yer online copyright law

Intelligence borrows, genius steals. I know because I stole that line from some guy. 

This week at CMU was a master's class in online copyright and plagiarism in which I learned much about the murky world of copyright, lawyers, guns, and money. Hint: guns and money aren't as bad as lawyers.

Your resources:

1. Website for the great doc, Copyright Criminals.

2. Online copyright quiz.

3. Indiana U's "How to recognize plagiarism," online test, and official plagiarism certificate making you a certified plagiarist. Or something. Every student at Indiana U must take - and ace - the test, which constitutes understanding and compliance of the school's guidelines.

4. How to use and cite Creative Commons resources.

5. Taking the mystery out of Creative Commons Licenses.


  1. Can you get a copy of that DVD for me?


  2. Super interesting & relevant, considering today's culture. Thx for the vids!