Monday, October 3, 2011

Twelve new words of wisdom - let it be

 See numbers one and 12.

1. Citizen Kaner - A person who insists that Citizen Kane "isn't that good," despite (or because of) the critical outpouring it receives year after year. 

2. Deskting - Texting under the desk in the belief that teachers can't see you. They can.

3. Dexpert - A person who can explain the plot for every episode and/or season of Dexter. 

4. Ereptile Dysfunction - The condition afflicting the poor dinosaurs who have trouble reproducing. 

5. Mind-Blogling - A confusing or off-base blog or blog post.

6. Naked Hatred - Critical comments published online by someone with a naked avatar. 

7. Octobeard - A beard grown out early in preparation for winter.

8. Oktobeard - A beard grown out early in preparation for Oktoberfest.

9. Prizing Strategy - Figuring out how to get people to do something by offering them prizes. "Our prizing strategy is to give away 5,000 pounds of fish sticks for every "Like" on Facebook."

10. Qwitter - A person who creates a Twitter account, but stops using it. 

11. Reating - Eating while you read, or reading while you eat. 

12. Shatizen Kane - Citizen Kane remake I hope to make, starring William Shatner.



  1. William Shatner as Citizen Kane?! If there is a way to make this happen, I believe it is our duty to do it.

  2. what about for #1 Shitizen Kane?

  3. Deskting. Just can't live without it.


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