Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sex. Now that I got your attention, vote for me!

Forget the change we can believe in - I just need a candidate I can notice.

It used to be said that we should vote with our feet or our money, but in the ADD culture that is our world today, should the person who can earn our attention also earn our vote?

Wait a sec - shiny penny! Where was I again?

For me, the politician who broke through my perceptual screens this time - no easy task - is the one who:
  • started following me on Twitter. 
  • showed up at my doorstep - with some former CreComm students in tow. 
  • responded to my tweet - from a social!
In advertising, this is what's known as "frequency." They say you need a frequency of three to remember an ad, and maybe it's the same to remember a politician and his or her message. 

For your incredible ability to crack through my perceptual screens, Mr. Politician, I salute you - and award you my full and undivided...oooh, the season premiere of Dexter!

Sorry, what was I saying?

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