Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ten new words that cantt leave you defriendless

See number 10. (Photo from Global). 

1. Ad verb - Action words you only see or hear in ads, like "gangbusters."

2. Cantt Chart - A bar graph showing everything you won't accomplish by the deadline.

3. Crappens - Unplanned shit that comes into being.

4. Defriendless - Feeling vulnerable when a non-friend insults you and your friends do nothing.

5. Forbodinner - The creepy feeling that something bad is going to happen after a meal.

6. Phonbia - An irrational fear of any phone number you don't recognize on call display.

7. Pornmotions - Publicizing a film or video with "adult situations."

8. Premembrance Day - Remembering war veterans before Remembrance Day, to justify shopping on the day off.

9. Presearch - Procrastinating about undertaking a systematic investigation into something.

10. Saskatchcicles - The ice hanging from football players' Sasktesticles during the last Grey Cup.

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