Monday, April 23, 2012

A dozen new words as tough and transparent as the Tupac hologram

See number 11. Help me, Dr. Dre, you're my only hope.

1. Defibrilater - The device that provides therapeutic dose of electrical energy to the heart, only too late to bring you back to life.

2. Endsmeat - A generic term describing rump roasts and butt steaks.

3. Heat-seater - The person who left the chair you just sat on "uncomfortably warm and/or moist."

4. Intearn - The person getting a paid practicum.

5. Lostpostrophes - The missing apostrophes in writing, left out because the writer has no idea how they work.

6. Prodience - An audience reluctant to wake up and have fun.

7. Quaseating - Virtually nauseating.

8. Quition Statement - Your two weeks' notice in writing.

9. Romoney - I'm not just rich, I have "Romoney." And I'll bet $10,000 you don't.

10. Traintenance - The art of fixing trains.

11. 2Pac-D2 - The Tupac hologram's proper name.

12. Womenopause - The time in a man's life when his body goes through "the change."

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