Friday, February 10, 2012

Ten new words to shout-out to your peeps

See number 4.  

1. Appsmanship - Fairness and respect for one's competing apps.
2. Appservescence - Showing high spirits or animated excitement around your app updates.  

3. Beerstorming - Coming up with creative ideas and insights when you're loaded.

4. Censor-round - The low-frequency bodily sensations caused by the tension arising from threats of online censorship.

5. Gameathong - The undergarment you wear - whether you want to or not - after playing Xbox for longer than 14 hours.

6. Kentonsick - How my home feels when I'm in another city.

7. Notney - Every Republican's favorite nominee: "Not Romney."

8. Sellabration - A "party" designed to sell you stuff. See: Tupperware party. 

9. Valentimes - Remember all of those dates with all of those women where you spent all of that money - and it didn't work out? Those were the Valentimes!

10. Valentinization - Cake-ology's great word for improving the resiliency of your business in February.

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