Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How to persuade people - the PR way!

The iMovie experimentation continues.

This week's video is a topic near and dear to my and any of my students' hearts - the four principles of PR persuasion that you can use to win friends and influence everybody.

The bald man won't shut up, while the Star Wars cameos abound...


  1. I think* the angle (noticeable in Point #3, for instance) makes you look incredibly short (this man can't even reach a white board!). Maybe a tighter shot that looks up at you a bit? So you look authoritative?

    *I am terrible at shooting videos. Just my opinion.

    Great caveat about evil at the end there. You're allowed to mention evil?

  2. I'm three feet tall. Have you got something against little people, or what?


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