Friday, November 4, 2011

Ten new words to the beleadered, beleaguered, and bebiebered

See number one. 

1. Beleadered - Having too many leaders from which to choose.

2. Blogola - Money paid to a blogger to get him/her to write about something.

3. Cashlicity - Paid publicity, just not to a blogger.

4. Dessembler - Things fall apart at Christmas. Let's rename the month.

5. Laziargist - People who steal writing because they're too lazy to do it themselves.

6. Myearacle - A year of magic and wonder.

7. Plutonic Friends - Friends without benefits living near Fukushima.

8. Prayerea - The radius affected by your requests to a divinity.

9. Tapatizer - Tapas and appetizers: together at last.

10. Whoribull - Terrible, whorish, b.s. The worst kind.


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