Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blinded by 12 new words, many starting with D

 See number 5.

1. Banktioning - Sanctioning banks. 

2. Debt-it Card - Cards you use at points-of-purchase to buy things you can't afford.

3. Decomposers - Dead songwriters.

4. Deeprest - What you get when you lie down on a distur-bed.

5. Deucebag - Anyone who hears anything other than the word "deuce" in the song above.

6. Diss-respect - Holding put-downs in high regard.

7. Diss-stressed - Feeling ill at ease after being the target of a put-down.

8. Distur-bed - The place you lie down to get deeprest.

9. Empty-Ass Centre - The proper pronunciation of MTS Centre. 

10. Justus - Justice for ourselves and no one else.

11. Loutallica - Lou Reed plus Metallica.

12. Obeythoven - Doing everything Beethoven, the decomposer, tells you to do.

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  1. These words do not make any sense. This is not funny.


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