Friday, December 31, 2010

All the best and worst to you and yours from '10!

Happy New Year from the underrated band/best concert of the year!

Best movie
Exit Through the Gift Shop

Second-best movie
Toy Story 3

Greatest invention in a film
Inception: we all have a little safe in our subconscious that has a trinket in it. Guard it, baby.

Best explanation of Inception
The last line of Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

Best translation

Best new Winnipeg restaurant

Best old Winnipeg restaurant

Best new bar
The Grove - within staggering distance of Mission Control.

Best beer
Innis & Gunn

Best wine
Flat Roof Manor in the summertime, on the patio at Civita

Overused word that makes people laugh but isn't funny

Underused word that is actually funny

Best catchphrases
- "Thank you for the criticism!" - Richard Baschak
- "Yay, science!" - Richard Baschak

Best book
Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter by Tom Bissell (left)

Best book about what's happening to media - but why is it a book?
Futuretainment by Mike Walsh

Best book about what's happening to journalism
What is Happening to News by Jack Fuller

Most promising development in journalism

Worst PR - ever
BP Oil

Most shameful businesses
Oil, airlines, cell-phone "service providers"

Best PR campaign
Adopt a Dot - Art Institute of Chicago

Best real invention

Best class invention
BriteBites - candles that melt chocolate!

Best app
Flipboard for iPad

Worst app
Winnipeg Free Press for iPad

Best digital magazine
WIRED - iPad edition

Best digital newspaper
New York Times

Best paper magazine
Q - the British music magazine

Best sign
Star Wars protester sign: for its message, reproduction of the original logo, and timeliness

Best TV show
Mad Men

Best new TV show
Boardwalk Empire

Best TV show to play catchup on DVD/download
Breaking Bad

Best TV shrink
Dr. Paul Weston (Gabriel Byrne) - In Treatment

Best video game app
Angry Birds Halloween/Seasons

Best console video game
Halo: Reach

Best podcast
Adam Carolla Show 

Best lectures
TED Talks

Best dance

Best song
The Unthanks - The Testimony of Patience Kershaw

Best album
Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More

Most-heralded band plays its worst concert
Arcade Fire at Lollapalooza

Least-heralded band plays its best concert
Kissaway Trail at Lollapalooza

Best new band
The Drums

Best band comeback

Best stand-up comic
Norm MacDonald, Walker Theatre

Best stand-up comedy show
CreCommedy Nights at the King's Head

Class most likely to get a noise complaint
Comedy Writing - six years in a row!

Worst bank machine

Best class "arguments"
- Orange Crush is a brand?!
- Reverse type is crappy (informed opinion) versus it's awesome (drunk opinion)

Best learning curve
Google AdWords

Most beloved late actor
Tony Curtis - Sidney Falco in the Sweet Smell of Success - the greatest PR movie of all time - and da singa of sawngs from Brooklyn in Spartacus.

Best student
The one reading this right now

Best ad campaign
Never say no to Panda

Worst copywriter
The one who wrote this:

Out of date, but happy they're still here
Music stores - Into the Music, Music Trader

Out of date, get out of here
- TV weather forecasts
- Hour-long local TV newscasts

Best blog
The ones that are regularly at the top of the student blog rolls, because frequent updates almost always indicate passion.

Least-useful feedback
Anonymous blog comments

Best blogging inroad
The ability to identify "anonymous" comments

Best and most prolific tweeter

Best photo NOT in need of a caption

Least useful accessory

Most useful accessory

Best brush with celebrity
Juliette Lewis speaks directly to me at the Pyramid Cabaret. And I'll never reveal what she said!

Best viral video
New York snow removal:

Now let's drink champagne from plastic cups, shall we?


  1. Happy (almost) New Year, Kenton!

    I saw Arcade Fire when they came here, and they were amazing, so it's hard to believe they were disappointing at Lollapalooza. Their new album was my favourite album of the year, as well.

    Exit Through the Gift Shop and Toy Story 3 are both in my top 10 of 2010. They were excellent!

  2. Best whole ball of something:
    Whole Ball of Wax
    Best name for a Parrot:
    Tie - Polly & Waxy


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