Monday, December 20, 2010

14 new words to use over the holidays!

"Prevenge" - all the kids are singing  it!

1. BitchWipe - Erasing the physical evidence (and/or memory) of a "not-nice" person.

2. BlurBerry - Any photograph taken on a BlackBerry.

3. The Bug Screen - A disparaging remark about the current state of the film industry. "Transformers 3 is so terrible, they shouldn't show it on a big screen, they should show it on a bug screen!"

4. Champagnties - A pair of panties in a champagne bottle. Now available at the Bay!

5. Cheesevitation - An invitation with cheese attached to it. Better than an invitation.

6. Claim Chowder - Coined by Seth Godin; making predictions about the future that turn out to be way off base. e.g.: "We'll always have the newspaper!"

7. Cyberchondria - Looking up symptoms online and realizing you have...scurvy!

8. Deadicated - Working yourself into an early grave.

9. Derection - A real turn-off.

10. Disister - A troublemaking sister.

11. Hacktivism - Thank you, WikiLeaks!

12. Plagiarinspiration - Coined by creator of the Clash's London Calling album cover, Ray Lowry, to describe the blend of originality and theft that it is.

13. Prevenge - Getting revenge before the other person commits the act for which you need to take it. I'm not sure if They Might Be Giants coined it on their song, but you have to admit that it's damn catchy.

14. Twittercism - Criticizing someone on Twitter. "Thank you for the Twittercism."

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