Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I've unlocked my inner Bruce Hornsby on GarageBand

Me. From Wikimedia Commons. 

That's just the way it is.

I've been having a ball fooling around with GarageBand iPad app this summer, which makes music creation easier and more fun than anyone could have reasonably expected for $4.99.

Perhaps the best thing about the app is discovering what kind of musician you are: the instruments you prefer, the pitch, the beat, the mood, the style. As they say in the Rock of Ages musical: "the dreams you come in with may not be the dreams you leave with."

So, it's with great horror that I've realized that I'm no David Bowie or Iggy Pop, but Bruce Hornsby - the singer, pianist, and poodle-headed performer famous for his song, "The Way It Is."

My first instinct was to fight it, but instead I've decided to go with the flow by recording a 35-second tribute to the man called "Bruce Hornsby Rules."

You can download and play Bruce Hornsby Rules here if the Box widget doesn't appear below. Enjoy. Thank you. Good night.  

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