Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Eleven tasty new words to the wise-ass

See number three.

1. Appaloozer - A person who adds "apalooza" onto distasteful nouns in order to make them seem better. Example: "On Saturday at 6 a.m., we'll have a cleanupalooza!"

2. Boobeat - The subject matter assigned to the reporter who wrote this week's Time cover story.

3. Cumberbun - The last pastry in the window at Starbucks (see above photo).

4. D-Generation - The fine group of people born after Generation Y.

5. Hipstercritical - Being aware of your own hypocrisy in an ironic kind of way.

6. Humorsexual - A person too funny to be attractive to any gender.

7. Methtival - A celebration of drug-addled teens.

8. Pair-o'-Medics - Two doctors.

9. Snobbedy - Comedy that's only funny if you're wearing a top hat and monocle.

10. Stoptomism - The philosophy that suggests hopefulness and confidence must be stopped.

11. Workload Creep - The tendency for a job to become more expansive in order to save money, and the person who makes it happen.

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