Thursday, September 8, 2011

My favorite blogs appear in human form at RRC

Alyson, Liz, Erica, James. Photo by John Pura. 

If you blog it, they will come.

Big thanks to Alyson Shane, Liz Hover, Erica Glasier, and James Hope Howard for coming to RRC today to be part of our annual bloggers roundtable.

Good news: they'll be following first-year students' blogs, and coming back to RRC toward the end of this semester for a bloggers state of the union.

Follow them on Twitter here:


And visit their blogs here:

Diary of a Web Gal
Sadie Shihtzu
Slurpees and Murder

Some of their recommended links (aka - the ones I wrote down!):

ProBlogger: 31 Days to Build a Better Blog
Jeff Jarvis
Chuck Jones Conversations
Kyla Roma
How to Blog
The Anti-Social Media
State of the City
Zach Bussey
Don't Make Me Think
Tony Pierce


  1. During the whole seminar, all I could think was "Charlie's Angels and Bosley of the blog world..."

    Ok wait, that's not ALL I was thinking about. Don't worry, I was paying attention

  2. Charlie's Angels and Bosley of the blog world works for me Kirah!

  3. Don't forget, we're all available for help/advice (I guess I shouldn't speak for everyone, but hey: I said we're ALL AVAILABLE!)—find us on Twitter or email us or whatever & we can answer questions etc! Don't be shy! :)

  4. Yeah - bug them instead of me. Just kidding!


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