Monday, September 12, 2011

13 new words to the wisenheimer

I'm number one (on this list).

1. Adultolescent - If you're 30, have no job, and skateboard all day, look in the mirror.

2. Barn-oculars - Bar-noculars filled with milk.

3. Duesday - Tuesday, the day blog posts are due in my PR class. 

4. False  Lashvertising - Deceptive ads about lashes, or truthful ads about false eyelashes.

5. Glogo - This bad boy, for one:

6. Greype - A purpley grey.

7. Markenton - Selling myself.

8. Oldseum - A museum built a long, long time ago.

9. Shoeseum - The place where you store the new shoes that you never wear.

10. Skyboxify - To monetize a product by making it more exclusive and expensive.

11. Twippies - Those who tweet about eating granola, playing hacky sack, and attending the Folk Fest.

12. Unreal time - Anything that doesn't take place in actual, or real, time - or time spent in your own head.

13. Wreckonomics - The rule that things that are bad for you - divorce, disease, death - are good for the economy!

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