Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm in the mood for mood boards

Magazines? Check. Glue sticks? Check. X-Acto Knives? Check.

Let's fight!

One of my favorite classes of the year is the one in which the ad majors return to grade three arts and crafts to create mood boards.

The occasion: getting set up for this semester's advertising client, C3A and its Ultimate Events Calendar - found on channel 88 of MTS Ultimate TV Service.

A mood board is a visual representation of a brand. It can be the creative springboard on which your campaign is based, or you can use it to present and sell your ideas to your clients, who also love mood boards, because they love grade three art class too.

The mood board is a collage on a foam core board. It encompasses symbols, feelings, moods, relationships, textures, ideas, colors, palettes, words, brands, logos, design, architecture, celebrities, and style.

But a mood board is more than the sum of its parts. The process of cutting, sorting, sticking, and pasting takes the creative mind on a journey down a path of discovery that may not be apparent until the board is actually complete.

Then, you take a step back, let the visuals wash over you, discuss what you see, and the ad-campaign concept, theme, and color palette begin to gel in your head (head gel?).

Sometimes the mood board gives you the flash of creative inspiration that will ultimately become your campaign's big idea.

So: gaze into the mood boards. You are getting sleepy. Now write, old woman, write like the wind!


  1. I miss not having a class in the Agency this term. I've always loved staring at those mood boards in thoughtful off-moments.

  2. I'll bring them to your desk. Dream away. Ha!


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