Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ten new words to the wise guy

See numbers four and 10.

1. Bargument - Bar bet or brawl.

2. Cheapsakes - Keepsakes for cheapskates, as coined by my pal Sam Posnick.

3. Deutschbag - A sour kraut.

4. Distrubbing - Disturbing rubbing. See number 10.

5. DumbAXE - Men who actually believe, deep down in their hearts, that wearing AXE products will get them hot babes.

6. Entiredly - Completely exhausted.

7. HipsterTix - When hipster journalists get sick of saying "tickets," they say "ducats" to lord their vast and ironic command of the English language over the rest of us. Now, they can just say, "HipsterTix" and the rest of us can instantly think "ducats," and nod our heads knowingly.

8. Liehole - A dishonest piehole.

9. Tweather - What Twitter says the weather is like, as opposed to looking out a window to see what it's actually like.

10. Weetweet (variation: Weitweet) - Retweeting Weiner.


  1. I totally use Tweather instead of getting off my rump and looking out a window.

  2. I believe Twitter over my own eyes.


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