Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Eleven new words to burn into your mind like a pair of cheek-a-boo shorts

See number three, below. 

1. Anticipointment - Getting ready to feel displeasure.

2. Attractual - Good looking as verified by science.

3. Cheek-a-boo - The hot, new shorts that were sweeping Coachella, if by "sweeping" you mean one person.

4. Nap Trap - The ongoing act of intending to "take a short snooze" before embarking on work, then waking up fully clothed, confused, and still sleepy the next day.

5. Nerdistry - The art of being boringly studious and up to date on all matters related to science fiction.

6. Refreshtivities - The vigorous consumption of beverages.

7. Someone-elsie - A photo of someone other than yourself.

8. Printernet - The stack of papers on your seasoned colleague's desk consisting of the entire Web in printed form.

9. Twerk - Person who tweets on behalf of his or her employer.

10. Writers' Blog - The inability to update your blog, because you're too busy writing other stuff.

11. Youngcle - Your father or mother's brother who is younger than you.


  1. I especially love twerk and writers' blog. Perfect!

  2. There is also a way different meaning of Twerk, Kenton!!! Hint: you wouldn't want your employer to see you twerk.


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