Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Eleven new words to fill your muggle

See number 7. Has nothing to do with Harry Potter. 

1. Appservescence - The tendency of awesome apps to rise to the top of the app store.

2. Cinnamom - Mothers who know the secret ingredient to every great dessert.

3. Deeprest - The way to overcome depression.

4. Diss Stress - The way to overcome stress.

5. Fulfilling Station - A self-actualization facility.

6. Hamnesia - Eating a great pork roast and forgetting about it.

7. Muggle - See photo, above.

8. Obamatoba - What we'd call our province if Obama had bought it, as suggested in the New York Times (see paragraph 12).

9. Strawb - A straw for smoothies.

10. TOFT - Too Obscure For Twitter. Example: "What's this about Carole Pope stepping down?"

11. Twaffic - Twitter traffic reports.

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