Tuesday, March 27, 2012

10 great moments in media relations

1. Bill O'Reilly attacks 9/11 victim's son (from Outfoxed):

2. BBC interviews the wrong Guy - and he's not bad, once he gets over his initial shock:

3. Tom Snyder fights with John Lydon:

4. Bill Clinton gets in Chris Wallace's face:

5. John Edwards proves that everyone looks 10 pounds guiltier on TV:

6. Donald Rumsfeld explores known unknowns:

7. Dr. Hastings Banda - the leader of Malawi - is refreshingly candid in this 1962 BBC interview:

8. Tom Cruise falls in love with a couch:

9. Michael Richards apologizes, and no one's sure if it's a bit:

10. Cruise lectures Lauer:

Monday, March 26, 2012

Twelve new words to dress your language

 See new word #10.

1. Creamium - The premium cream o' the crop, which rises to the top.

2. Duperocess - A bogus or unfair investigation.

3. Famoose - Bullwinkle, for one.

4. IPPed - The past-tense excitement at having had a project approved. "When I got the green light, IPPed my pants."

5. Karmage - The predestined fate of those who litter.

6. Nincome Tax - The extra money you end up paying for being dumb.

7. Enlusiasm - Enthusiasm that comes back to bite you in the arse.

8. Haphazardry - The art of being disorganized.

9. Haphusbandry - The art of carelessly tending plants and animals.

10. Jayked - Nude journalist. See photo at the top of this blog post.

11. Saleure - Showing up at a store to buy discounted items, only to find that there's none left.

12. Slapdashery - The art of being hurried and careless.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Magazine trade fair unfolds at RRC on March 30

A glimpse at magazine trade fair days gone by.

Have you got issues with your circulation? Do you periodically read periodicals? Are you missing pulp in your diet?

If you answered "yes" to just one of these questions, you should come to the Red River College Creative Communications students' annual magazine trade fair on Friday, March 30 from noon to 4 p.m. in the Exchange District Campus Atrium.

Working in small groups, first-year students have written, designed, and produced some 15 magazines this semester. They'll have samples on hand; some will be compiling a PDF e-mail list, so you can be first to download their periodicals onto your iPad.

The trade fair is a celebration of achievement and excellence in publishing and just, plain completing one of the toughest assignments of this and any semester. Expect a festive atmosphere and lots of free snacks and candies - my favorite snacks and candies of all!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Student releases second On the Peg podcast, world rejoices

It's been a great week of great students presenting great projects in front of great instructors looking at their great reflections in great mirrors.

So, let's keep that head of steam going with a new On the Peg podcast from today's IPP host himself, Tristan Field-Jones. 

Tristan is working on this podcast as part of his Independent Professional project, a year-long course in which students develop an original and meaningful project that they propose, complete, and market independently.

You can like On the 'Peg on Facebook; watch for the next episode - shot at the IPPs themselves - coming soon to a pod near you.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

10 new words of wisdom: let it be

 See number 7.

1. Asstimate - A guess about whether you will fit into a pair of jeans.

2. Chicksago - The place where former girlfriends live. May or may not be in Illinois.

3. Juddification - The process in which a person starts to look more and more like a Judd. See: Nancy Grace.

4. Manterest - Anything but Pinterest.

5. OMB - On my blog. Example: OMG, it's OMB.

6. Ridick - Short for ridiculous.

7. Rominee -The Republicans' choice after Super Tuesday.

8. Snow puppy
- That gunk that gathers in the wheel wells of your call in winter, then falls out on your driveway in spring.

9. Speedom
- Freedom to wear one's Speedo.

10. Vapig
- Insipid and overstuffed. Paging Mr. Limbaugh.