Friday, December 22, 2023

Winnipeg communications jobs for holiday punks like you - week of Dec. 24, 2023

1. Indigenous Music Development Coordinator, Manitoba Music

2. Fund Development Officer, CPA Manitoba

3. Camera Editor (term), APTN

4. Junior Freelancer, Corporate Communications (part time), IGM Financial

5. SEO Specialist, Upfeat

6. Freelance SEO Content Writers (part-time), Upfeat

7. Account Manager, Tactica

8. Technical Communications Specialist, MPI

9. Social Media Coordinator, Paquin

10. Digital Marketing Communications Specialist, Cargill

11. Project Specialist, Direct Focus

12. Producer, Video News, CBC

13. Website Strategist, UM

14. Digital Marketing Specialist, JMT Consultants

15. Copywriting Lead, Affirm

16. Freelance Copywriter (contract), CMH-Heli-Skiing

17. Marketing and Communications Associate (term), Ronald McDonald House

18. Fundraising and Development Coordinator, Wildlife Haven


1. Marketing and Communications Assistant, Price Industries

2. Student Summer Jobs, Parks Canada

3. Red Bull Student Marketer, RRC Polytech

4. General Call for Summer Employment, Manitoba Hydro

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