Friday, July 7, 2023

Winnipeg communications jobs for associates like you - week of July 9, 2023

1. Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba

2. Event Officer, UM

3. Marketing and Communications Specialist, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (Protein Manitoba)

4. Marketing Specialist, Bliss Gourmet Baked Foods

5. Senior Policy Analyst, Creative Industries and Films Liaison, Government of Manitoba

6. Communications and Content Coordinator, True North

7. Proposal Coordinator, WSP in Canada

8. Digital Communications Strategist, EMILI

9. Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Bee Maid Honey Limited

10. Brand Specialist, Efficiency Manitoba


1. Casual/Seasonal Travel Counsellor, Travel Manitoba (Emerson)

2. Media Advertising Sales Agent, U Multicultural

3. Project Coordinator, Editor, U Multicultural

4. Writer, Journalist, U Multicultural

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