Friday, May 27, 2022

Winnipeg communications jobs for crooners like you - week of May 29, 2022

1. Social Media Strategist, Bold Commerce

2. Journalists, The Brandon Sun

3. Content Creator, Specialist, Callia

4. Social Media Manager (part-time), Lullaland Sensory

5. Marketing Specialist, Cargill

6. Director of Community Engagement, Royal MTC

7. Communications Officer, CIFFC

8. Digital Marketing Specialist, Globe Property Management

9. Marketing Communications Assistant, Victoria Lifeline

10. Social Media Coordinator, Prolex Media

11. Coordinator, Marketing Content, Navitas

12. Communications Specialist, The Northpine Foundation

13. Venue Technician (part-time), Rachel Browne Theatre

14. Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Vita Health

15. Specialist, Events and Programming, Downtown Winnipeg BIZ

16. Marketing Content and Social Media Specialist, ROBINSON

17. Marketing Specialist, Content, CWB National Leasing

18. Communications Director (volunteer), Rainbow Trout Music Festival

19. Communications Coordinator (remote), Indigenous Resource Network


1. Research Assistant, Validus Healthcare Economics

2. Indigenous Initiatives Summer Coordinator, Winnipeg Art Gallery

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