Friday, March 26, 2021

Winnipeg communications jobs for Winnerpeggers like you - week of March 28, 2021

1. Marketing Associate, Price Industries

2. Social Media Specialist, MPI

3. Communications and Research Assistant, Your HR Support Co. 

4. Content and Social Media Specialist, Robinson

5. Growth Marketing Manager, Targeted Talent

6. Marketing, Social Media Coordinator, Crampton's Market

7. Content Marketer, Bold Commerce

8. Product Manager, Bold Commerce

9. Technical Writer, Bold Commerce

10. Knowledge Seeker, Central Canada (term), ArtsPond

11. Communications Assistant, LGCA

12. Lifelong Learning Coordinator, MITT

13. Media Coordinator, Black Studio Canada

14. Digital Broadcast Journalist, Corus

15. Program Officer, Canada Council for the Arts

16. Executive Director, WSO

17. Editorial Assistant, Toptal

18. Content Strategist, Roadmap Agency

19. Communications Coordinator (term), Women's Health Clinic

Summer students

1. Communications Content Specialist, Strategic Community Consulting 

2. Communications Student, Efficiency Manitoba

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