Saturday, February 8, 2020

Winnipeg communications jobs for Winnerpeggers like you - week of Feb. 9, 2020

1. Graphic Designer, BrookGlobal

2. Marketing and Communications Manager, Winnipeg Football Club

3. Communications Officer, Elections Manitoba

4. Communications Manager, Ubisoft

5. Assistant Professor, Digital Media, U of M

6. Marketing Officer, U of M

7. Chief Innovation Officer, CMHR

8. Coordinator, Community Fundraising, Heart and Stroke

9. Marketing Coordinator, EQ3

10. Content Marketer, National Leasing

11. Marketing Coordinator, Enterra

12. Editor, Fanfare Magazine Group

13. Marketing Coordinator, Manitoba Turkey Producers

14. Communications Specialist, HEB Manitoba

15. Social Media Coordinator, Goodfellow Realty

16. Marketing Coordinator, Ironclad Properties

17. Community Outreach Coordinator (Volunteer), Tetra Society of North America

Summer students

1. Entertainment Marketing Assistant, True North

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