Saturday, May 4, 2019

Dagobah communications jobs for Dagobahians like you - week of May the fourth be with you

1. Marketing Coordinator, Selkirk Chrysler

2. Community Producer, Global Winnipeg

3. Sponsorship and Fundraising Events Manager, Manitoba Museum

4. Marketing Specialist, Petline

5. Marketing and Communications Coordinator, ECB Verdyol

6. Marketing Communications Coordinator, S2 Sales and Safety Association

7. Regional Communications Manager (French), CBC

8. Communications Officer, International Institute for Sustainable Development

9. Director, Event Marketing, IG Wealth Management

10. Marketing Coordinator, Cabela's

11. Digital Advertising Coordinator, Cabela's

12. Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Vita Health

13. Social Media Blogger (part-time), Decor2Go Wall Fashion

14. Marketing Manager, Summit Search Group

15. Manager, Communications and Engagement (contract), Canadian Virtual Hospice

Student/internship/term postings

1. Community Engagement Program Facilitator, Nine Circles

2. Communications Assistant, Elections Manitoba

3. Call Centre Staff, Elections Manitoba

4. Communications and Facility Intern, Creative Manitoba

5. Unpaid Social Media Internship, Cogmation Robotics Inc.

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