Wednesday, September 17, 2014

These are a few of my favorite student advertising clients

 Today we salute you, Toad Hall Toys. 

The client has a bad rap.

Long famed in the advertising business for not understanding creative and providing unsolicited feedback when none is warranted, I think it's time we rebranded the client - because one of my most-favorite things in the world is meeting clients with awesome businesses and helping them promote the living hell out of them.

As a teacher, I particularly appreciate the ad client who allows advertising students to not only work on a campaign for his or her business, but also takes the time to weigh their ideas and give feedback at the same time he or she has a business to run.

In 10 years at Red River College, I've had the pleasure to work with these great clients on student campaigns; real men and women of genius, the lot.
Sample student work:

Now, may I please have some free stuff? Haw, haw...

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