Friday, September 5, 2014

11 new and brutaful words

Elsie: see number 6.

1. Brutaful - Lovely and awful at once.

2. Content Vampire - Writer by day, blood-sucking plagiarist by night.

3. De ja ewww - The strange feeling of having been grossed out before.

4. Disimprovement - Ruining stuff you own by trying to improve stuff you own. Example: spilling paint on a couch.

5. Dogpeople - Humans who hang their faces out of bus windows to catch the breeze.

6. Elsie - The rare photo you take of someone else.

7. Glasshole - An easily identifiable jerk.

8. Gruntled - Happy and satisfied.

9. Hacoughany - Inharmonious throat-clearing.

10. Juliable - Predictably good weather in the summertime.

11. Moose Jawdience - Spectators in Saskatchewan. Usage: "The Moose Jawdience was blown away by Carrie Underwood."

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