Friday, October 11, 2013

Dan and Kenton command you: listen to the Media Nerds podcast!

And you thought we were nerdy from the outside.

"We" are Dan Vadeboncoeur and Kenton Larsen. Since we're nerds who like to talk about the media, we thought we'd start a podcast called Media Nerds, in which we ("the nerds") talk about stuff ("the media") that interests us. Hijinks ensue.

You can listen for the low, low price of free by:

1. Visiting our website.

2. Visiting our page on Stitcher Media.

3. Subscribing to us on iTunes.
4. Downloading the Podcasts app onto your mobile device, searching for "Media Nerds" in the store and subscribing.

We think you're going to like us. And if you don't, you're probably a jock, jerk, bully, or someone on whom we'll one day seek comical revenge. Enjoy, peeps!

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