Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fortune from misfortune: my prediction for the Breaking Bad finale

I know how Breaking Bad ends.

OK, I don't really know how Breaking Bad ends, but I think I do, which is good enough. For me. Cough, cough. 

Plus, I really want to stake my claim to the one plot point I see no one else talking about, so I can gloat and tell everyone to kiss my arse on Sunday. Oh yeah: that's the Lord's day; let's make it Monday.


Walt frees Jesse (who, in turn, frees Brock) and doles out major whoop-ass to Todd's gang and Grey Matter Technologies (he kills the gang in a bloody massacre, and financially ruins Grey Matter by associating himself with it in some way - Grey Matter's worst nightmare). By the end of the episode, Walt is dead one way or another (the ricin is for him - he has it in his mouth in case he needs it).

Jesse lives. Walt's family lives. Saul lives - in Nebraska.

My big contribution: Walt's lotto ticket bearing the coordinates of the buried money (and now Hank's grave!) pays off. Walt's dead, but he leaves his family with a clean fortune handed down to them by bloody misfortune.

As predicted on Sept. 16: 

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